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A Knee That Can Bend 


When American sociology student Kate stumbles into an underground circle of queers in Sénégal, her semester abroad transforms into an intimate tour of Dakar's hidden gay nightlife. What Kate learns from Aicha, Néné, and their friends could get her into grad school. That is, if she can convince them to consent to being studied. A Knee That Can Bend explodes into the ethical sand-traps of Americans telling African stories, falling in love far from home, and searching for people like you in a country that doesn’t believe you exist.


This production was produced by Orbiter 3, directed by Kittson O'Neill, and performed in Studio X at Theatre Exile in Philadelphia, PA. 

Playwright: Emma Goidel

Director: Kittson O'Neill

Asst. Director: Mary Tuomanen

Production Manager: Lauren Tracy

Stage Manager: Elaina Di Monaco

Asst. SM: Eleanor Safer

Dramaturg: Erin Washburn

Set Designer: Colin Mcilvaine

Props Master: Sara Outing

Costume Designer: Jillian Keys

Lighting Designer: Maria Shaplin

Sound Designer: Nick Kourtides


Costume Change Chart

A chart containing all the costume changes in the show.

The majority of changes in this productionwere quick changes. A bolded change depicts what should be done first when there are two at once

TOS Pre-set list

Used to check that all props and furniture was correctly set before the audience entered the space and the show began

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