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Staged in the 100-year-old Racquets court inside the members-only confines of The Racquet Club of Philadelphia, rail. is a play about the cyclical nature of relationships in our lives and the ways we struggle to break free from past events to forge new paths. Sarah, a therapist and former championship squash player, is stuck in a cycle of rotating men in her life, all played by the same actor. She must decide how to break the cycle and find her most singular life.

Produced by Missing Bolts Productions and performed at The Racquet Club in Philadelphia, PA.

Written by Zac Kline

Directed by Rachel Dart & Zac Kline


  Sarah: Emilie Krause

  Rex & Others: Harry Watermeier

production manager: Tom Macagnone

Stage Manager: Eleanor Safer

ASM: Paige Zubel

sound design: Carsen Joenk

costume designer: Susanne Houstle

lighting designer: Amanda Jensen

Photos by Plate 3 Photography


rail. Bible call sheet.

Rehearsal Report #6

Example of a rehearsal report.

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