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The Lydie Breeze Trilogy


An epic trilogy about an American family, set between the Civil War and the birth of 20th-century industrialism. In development for 30 years, the trilogy was for the first time presented as the single theatrical experience playwright John Guare intended it to be. EgoPo collaborated with Guare to present all three plays, Cold Harbor, Bullfinch's Mythology, Aipotu, and Madaket Road, in a consecutive cycle, with music by Cynthia Hopkins and Jay Ansill.

This trilogy production was produced by EgoPo Classic Theatre, directed by Lane Savadove, and performed at The Christ Church Neighborhood House in Philadelphia, PA.

Director: Lane Savadove

Assoc. Director: Dane Eissler

Asst. Director: Katie Kiessling

Stage Manager: Jamel Baker

Asst. Stage Manager: Eleanor Safer

Set Designer: Marketa Fantova

Lighting Designer: Mike Inwood

Costume Designer: Marie Anne Chiment

Part I Run Sheet

A list of top of show presets, actions the run crew and I had to do backstage during the show, and the intermission shift. This, as well as the run sheets for parts 2 & 3 were hung on the wall backstage for reference

Backstage Storage

Props for all three shows had to be stored backstage in one hallway. To manage this, I asked for shelving units instead of traditional tables that allowed for more storage with a smaller footprint. I also color coded the tape out of the shelves so that it was clear what parts each prop was used in.

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