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Ada and the Engine


Discover the groundbreaking woman of science whose work has impacted all of our lives in profound ways. Ada and the Engine tells the inspiring and fascinating story of Ada Byron Lovelace, a brilliant female mathematician now recognized as the first computer programmer. At the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, Ada partners with Charles Babbage, inventor of the first “analytical engine.” Together they dream of the future and struggle to navigate treacherous waters of friendship, legacy, and ambition.

Produced by Cardinal Stage in Bloomington, IN. This play was never performed due to COVID-19

Charles Babbage: Eric Olson

Lovelace/Byron: Kevin Aoussou

Ada: Glynnis Kunkel-Ruiz

Anabella/Mary: Francesca Sobrer


Director: Kate Galvin

Stage Manager: Eleanor Safer

Scenic Designer: Reuben Lucas

Lighting Designer: Allen Hahn

Costume Designer: Becky Underwood

Sound Designer: Brandon Reed

Props Master: Emily Bedwell

ASM/Wardrobe: Rachel Johnson

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French Scene List

Character and scene breakdowns.

COVID Announcement

Safety Announcement with COVID procedures.

Week 1 Schedule

First week schedule.

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