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Somewhere in the tangles of the suburbs, Paige is designing a brave, new path for her children – Isaac, dishonorably discharged from active duty in the Middle East, and Max, caught in the throes of transitioning gender here at home. Freshly liberated by her abusive husband’s debilitating stroke, Paige is waging a cis-revolt in support of Max’s journey, and is now armed to dismantle the patriarchy! In this visceral and delightfully absurd kitchen-sink dark comedy, Taylor Mac explores the struggle to recognize change and the courage to face its messy repercussions.

This production was produced by Simpatico Theatre, directed by Jarrod Markman, and performed at The Drake Theatre in Philadelphia, PA.

Director: Jarrod Markman

Stage Manager: Eleanor Safer

Assistant Director: Val Dunn

Set Designer: Christopher Haig

Props Master: Scott McMaster

Lighting Designer: Alyssandra Docherty

Costume Designer: LeVonne Lindsay

Sound Designer: Elizabeth Atkinson

Fight Choreography: Charles Conwell

Dramaturgy: Erin Washburn

Run Sheet

A list of top of show presets, actions the ASM had to do backstage during the show, the intermission shift, and post-show

Conflict Calendar

A calendar listing who would be late or absent from each rehearsal for easy reference

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