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Peter and the Starcatcher

The Neverland you never knew! This spectacular grown up’s prequel to Peter Pan will win the hearts of adults and children alike. A swash-buckling, rollicking musical imagining of how Peter became the boy who wouldn’t grow up! 


This production was performed at Bristol Valley Theatre in Naples, NY. 


Click any image to enlarge it. 

Director: Karin Bowersock

Stage Manager: Devon Adams

Asst. SM: Eleanor Safer

Set Designer: Tim McMath

Costume Designer: Danielle Preston

Lighting Designer: Justin A Partier

Sound Designer: Rich Miller

Props Master: Therrin Eber

Prop Tracking

A record of where and how props enter and exit the stage 

This was a very props heavy show

Sounds Effects Tracking

There are many sounds in this show--some created by actors and some created by recorded sound effects. This sheet tracked what was done by what. 

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