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Late at night, in the shadows of a shuttered Newark factory, Darja’s decided she’s done waiting – for the bus, for a break, for luck, for love. Her hopes for a brighter future, which propelled her from her native Poland two decades ago, continue to escape her. Assembly-line worker, housecleaner, mother, wife – Darja’s done dealing with feelings and the men in her life. It’s time to talk money. Award-winning playwright Martyna Majok takes us on a darkly funny 20-year journey through the tangled hopes and heartbreak of the "American Dream."

This production was produced by Simpatico Theatre, directed by Harriet Power, and performed at The Drake Theatre in Philadelphia, PA.

Director: Harriet Power

Stage Manager: Eleanor Safer

Assistant Director: Amanda Coffin

Set Designer: Colin McIlvaine

Lighting Designer: Jerold R. Forsyth

Costume Designer: Natalia de la Torre

Sound Designer: Daniel Kontz


Line Notes

Line notes were taken during runs in rehearsal and emailed to each actor.

Actor Presets

A document listing the props that each actor needed to bring onstage for each scene. This document was hung in the dressing room so the actors could check it before going onstage.

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