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After Last Call...or How To Make A Play In 24 Hours

A 24 hour new play festival that donated all profits to Rainbow Railroad, an organization that helps LGBTQ folk get out of places where they're in immediate danger. Four teams were given 24 hours to write, direct, and memorize a 10 minute play and sent to a donated home in South Philly to work. During the 24 hours, they were surprised with curveballs and workshops. This festival sold out and donated $250 to Rainbow Railroad. 

Produced by Randi Alexis Hickey and Eleanor Safer, artistic directed by Randi Alexis Hickey, and performed at The Pharmacy in Philadelphia, PA.

Artistic Director: Randi Alexis Hickey

Production Stage Manager: Eleanor Safer

Tech Consultant/Designer: Michael Lambui


Festival Timeline
Team Info Sheet

The producers' version of the festival timeline including all surprise curveballs and workshops.  The artists were given a different version with less information.

Each team was given information about their team including house address, house info, and team contact info

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