Rehearsal Report

A rehearsal report sent out during the course of the production.

These were emailed out every day, as well as put in the show's google drive, by the next morning. 

"What stage is this?"

Pictured: Mason Rosenthal

Photo credit-Johanna Austin

Production Meeting Notes

Notes taken during a production meeting and distributed afterward. These were emailed as well as put in the show's google drive within 24 hours. 


From left to right: Clara Weishahn, Alice Yorke, Jen Hancock-Brainerd, Jennifer Kidwell, Scott Sheppard, Roblin Gray Davis, Mason Rosenthal, Katie Gould

Photo credit-Johanna Austin

Sans Everything


Sans Everything follows a ship of space explorers as they are compelled to perform As You Like It for reasons they cannot fathom. Set so far in the future that Shakespeare has been forgotten, Sans Everything asks: What do we owe the past when thinking about the future? Sans Everything is a co-production with Strange Attractor Theatre Company.


This production was produced by Lightning Rod Special + Strange Attractor Theatre Company, directed by Rebecca Noon, and performed at FringeArts in Philadelphia, PA.


Click any image to enlarge it.

Director: Rebecca Noon

Stage Manager: Eleanor Safer

Set & Lighting Designer: Masha Tsimring

Costume Designer: Rebecca Kanach

Sound Designer: Brad Pouliot


© 2018 by Eleanor Safer

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