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Equinox: A New Play Festival 2015

The Youngest We'll Ever Be:

Playwright: Sarah Galante

Director: Chelsae Bazzel

Stage Manager: Sara Marinich


Eren Taylor Brock

Jane Lloyd

Adult Sand:

Playwright: Adam Howard

Director: Cara Lisa Franz

Asst. Director: Katie Shelly

Stage Manager: Meagan Spry


Seth Bullock

Lily Cumberpatch

Brandon Shockey

Pillars of Salt:

Playwright: Carter Horton

Director: Katrina Shobe

Stage Manager: Eleanor Safer


Alex McCormick

Hannah Woodrum


Playwright: Joshua Logan Walker

Director: Matt Rosansky

Stage Manager: Manfid Duran


Becca Khalil

Nicholas Scheppard

Savannah Souza


Director: Sam Leopold

Performed and Devised by:

Emma Andriatch

Scarlett Bittner

Jaime Jarrett

Troy Witherspoon

Producer: Matt Bantock

Associate Producer: Katie Shelly

PSM: Eleanor Safer

Set Designer: Michael Lambui

Costume Designer: Shannon Fahey

Lighting Designer: Jeremy Jason

Sound Designer: Edward Smith

Props Master: John Wendling



A scene from the short play Over by Joshua Logan Walker

From left to right: Savannah Souza, Nicholas Scheppard, Becca Khalil

Photo credit: Paola Nogueras

Tech Schedule

This is the first page of the tech schedule that was distributed for this production.

Pillars of Salt

A scene from the short play Pillars of Salt by Carter Horton.

From left to right: Alex McCormick, Hannah Woodrum

Photo credit: Paola Nogueras

Production Meeting Notes

First page of notes taken during the second production meeting for this show

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