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A new musical by Jacob Jarrett, Normativity tells the story of Emily, the optimistic lesbian protagonist of a Young Adult novel written by an author on the verge of fame. Unhappy with the unfair story she is given, Emily comes to life to change her story, to get her happy ending. Along the way Emily and an ambitious high school teen named Taylor, discover what it means to feel and why this story is so important to everyone involved. The question becomes can these two young girls get their happy endings? Or is the happy ending even what they really want?


This production was produced by Stretch The Truth Productions, directed by Matt Rosansky, and performed in the Skinner Studio at Plays and Players in Philadelphia, PA.

Director: Matt Rosansky

Book/Music/Lyrics: Jacob Jarrett

Stage Manager: Eleanor Safer

Production Designer: Matt Rosansky

French Scene Breakdown

The french scene breakdown for the first act of the show used for this production

Shift Plot

Chart for Act One kept by stage management, distributed to actors, and posted backstage to help with scene changes during the run

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