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Sometimes In Prague


Presented as part of the Polyphone Festival (Artistic Director, César Alvarez), Sometimes in Prague tells the story of a chance encounter between three Americans in a Czech pub: lone traveler Joanna and polyamorous expat couple Alex and Ryan. As the night wears on (and the pilsner flows), their hyper-real conversation about love candidly explores the tensions between polyamorous and monogamous relationships to pose the perennial question "What is the most authentic way to love?"


This production was produced by The University of the Arts, directed by Johsua William Gelb, and performed at The Arts Bank Theatre in Philadlephia, PA.

Creators: Orion Stephanie Johnstone & Joshua William Gelb

Director: Joshua William Gelb

Music Director: Orion Stephanie Johnstone

Stage Manager: Eleanor Safer

Asst. SM: Cassandra Meehan

Costume Designer: Andrew Reiff

Lighting Designer: Masha Tsimring

Projections Designer: Sara Marinich

Sound Designer: Mark Valenzuela

Calling Script

A page from the calling script.  

Important blocking has been typed into the script to allow for better understanding of cue placement and following along with the show.

A full calendar for the rehearsals, run of the show, and festival events

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