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The 39 Steps


London. 1935. Sharp witted Richard Hannay has returned to England after several years abroad to find himself bored out of his mind. A trip to the theatre seems a likely remedy, but instead results in a mysterious woman with a German accent following him home. She confides in him that she is a spy, desperately trying to prevent a secret organization called The Thirty-Nine Steps from smuggling secret military information out of England. Later that night, Hannay awakes to find her stabbed to death and realizes that he is now the only one who can save his country. A madcap chase across the moors of Scotland ensues, as Hannay, accused of murder, desperately tries to clear his name and expose and stop The Thirty-Nine Steps’ evil plot. Along the way, he discovers what it truly means to be in love and how anybody has the potential to change the world for the better.


This production was produced by the Ira Brind School for theatre Arts, directed by Domingo Mancuello, and performed at the Caplan Black Box in Philadelphia, PA.

Director: Domingo Mancuello

Stage Manager: Eleanor Safer

Asst. SM: William Everman

Set Designer: Jake Sweed

Costume Designer: Stephen Lieboff

Asst. Costume Designer: Jordan Jones

Lighting Designer: Sasha Anistratova

Sound Designer: Brad Pouliot


Weekly Schedule

A page from the weekly schedule used to make sure we stayed on schedule for each day.


Blocking Notes

Handwritten blocking notes taken during rehearsal. Eventually, these notes were typed onto a different script used for calling the show. 

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