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The Circus Freak


Featuring an ensemble of eight puppeteers operating and manipulating a trio of characters, on a dark night at the circus, one freak goes to the extreme in order to reclaim his rightful place in society. After an unusual friendship sparks a revolution, the freak tries to find his place in the circus that has already answered that question for him.


Produced by The Ira Brind School for Theatre Arts, written and directed by David Fertik, and performed at the Caplan Black Box in Philadelphia, PA.


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Director: David Fertik

Asst. Director: Matt Rosansky

Stage Manager: Eleanor Safer

Set Designer: David Fertik

Asst. Set Designer: Jake Sweed

Lighting Designer: Jeremy Jason

Sound Designer: Kevin Foley



The set was designed by David Fertik and lit by Jeremy Jason

Production Calendar

The second page of the calendar sent out to the cast and crew.

Rehearsals began on the 23rd of September.

The Freak

This puppet, named "The Freak", was the protagonist of the show.

From left to right: Kirstyn Ballard, John Yazzo, & Alex McCormick

Photo credit: Paola Nogueras

Page from Calling Script

Here is a page out of the script used to call the show.

Because of how movement heavy the production was, the script was retyped to include blocking.

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