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The Comedy of Errors


One of Shakespeare’s earliest and most vibrant comedies, “Comedy of Errors,” is a zany, madcap romp of mistaken identities. Take two pairs of identical twins, a jealous wife and her love-struck sister, a greedy merchant, a father whose head will be chopped off at sunset, a dim-witted courtesan, a stolen necklace, one angry nun, a greasy kitchen wench and an exorcist. Add in Shakespeare’s brilliant, sparkling language, spiced up with musical surprises, and the result is a concoction of delightful lunacy and farcical delirium.


This production was produced by REV Theatre Company, directed by Rosemary Hay, and performed at the Emlen Physick Estate in Cape May, NJ.


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Director: Rosemary Hay

Stage Managers: Eleanor Safer & Chelsae Bazzel

Costume/Set Designer: Rudy Caporaso

Sound Designer: John Andelfinger


"You'll cry for this, minx, if I beat the door down."

From left to right: Lucas Kappler, Brandon Shockey, John Yazzo, Rudy Caporaso

Photo Credit: Dave Kappler

Top of Show Presets

The list of what must be where at the beginning of the show

"There did this perjured goldsmith swear me down"

From left to right: Marilyn McIntyre, Mina Kawahara, Felicia Anderton, Annika Marks, John Yazzo, Lucas Kappler

Photo Credit: Dave Kappler

Conflict Sheet

A list of all the times actors/crew are unavailable for rehearsals and/or performances to schedule around

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